Saturday, 1 February 2014

Learn how to use the Babyliss Pro hot sticks for perfect curls!

Below is a video of how to use the Babyliss hot sticks to get the perfect bouncy curls

Duration of hot sticks in hair: 20mins
Products used: 
*Goldwell hot form 
*Joico styling spray

Model: Debra O

Sunday, 17 November 2013


So, you've heard a lot about argan oil but you have no clue what it does or see no reason why you should use it rather than any hair oil out there.

Its been tested and tried!

Here are the benefits:
*For shine
* For repair
* Prevents split ends
* Color protection
* Frizz control

I can not speak for all brands but the one below works..

Friday, 15 November 2013


bE dIFfeRenT: I love this statement headpiece. It would take a bold bride to rock it.
A little something for your bridesmaids? Flowers do no harm.
Its all about the hair 'the chignon'. Sleek, smooth and simple. A tiny hairpiece to draw more attention to the hair and the face.
This 'net brooch hairpiece' is so simple, yet sophisticated. If you don't like feathers, flowers or bling, this will be a great option for you!
Feather lovers anyone? Simple and pretty. For brides incorporating feathers in their wedding theme..
This Retro 'rhinestone' hairpiece will be a great match if your dress is very simple.
Birdcage hairpiece placed at the back: I love! Very unique
Describe this in one word? I'd say 'Sophisticated'. The hair and hair piece is a '5 star' from me! Love it!
A great option for your flower girls :All things pretty!
Vintage inspired rhinestone hair comb: You can not go wrong with this.

This would look great on your bridesmaids.
And yet again, any bold bride out there?
Emerald green: I love this shade of green. The birdcage adds so much style to the look. Would look great on bridesmaids or Mother of the bride/groom.
Soft colours: Very neutral. Would look great either on brides or bridesmaids.
Rhinestone again: Brides love rhinestones.
I love this bejeweled headband: Its a great option for the stylish bride.
Bohemian style

This flower hairpiece is simple and gorgeous with tiny crystals in the middle
Feathers and crystals..Be different
Tiny flowers and crystals, placed at the back: Elegant!
Stunning headpiece by Jannie Baltzer couture headpieces: Can be placed differently, if you don't like the 'headband' look.
Rhinestones and retro hair: You're on the right path

Images from Salon G.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


A few days ago, I posted on the instagram page (@charishair) pictures of some creative braids (pictured below) and most people voted for the fishtail. So I decided to put up the pictorial on how to do so on yourself.

Beautiful Bukky

My lady is from London and this was her first visit with me. She wasn't nervous as she said she already saw my work and had nothing to worry about. However, first impression lasts long so I had to makesure she got what she wanted.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


 Nife rang 3 days before her wedding in Coventy, and we discusssed her wedding look over the phone. She specifically said she wanted something very 'simple' and this was what I came up with:
 Image by Focalength photography (

Beautiful shot by Focalength photography

Nife's review: 'Thanks to the very talented Tola my hair looked gorgeous on my Big day. Tola I rly enjoyed your company, time management was exquisite and your work speaks for itself even under pressure. Perfecto'


Do you hate using curlers or curling wands to style your hair (burning yourself)? 
Do you hate using the flexi rods to curl your hair and not getting the so desired curls?
Do you love bouncy and full curls that will last long?
If so, I introduce to you, the 'heavenly' HOT STICKS! :)

*Very easy and safe to use (no burns)
*Works like a flexi rod but gives tighter curls
*The rods are well secured through the loops
*Time efficient- 30 mins setting time (unlike flexi rods- it takes hours)

*It curls afro hair (relaxed) which is great but leaves it frizzy.So, you will need an anti-frizz setting spray on  hair before applying the rods.